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Announcing a non-invasive liver fibrosis platform.
Available in Liver20™ service

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  • ELISA kits 2

    HCV Ag-Ab COMB

    GB HCV Ag-Ab COMB ELISA Kit for Direct Detection of HCV Antibody and Antibody

  • HIV Ag-Ab COMB

    HIV Ag-Ab COMB, a ELISA Kit for detection of HIV-1/HIV-2 anti-body and HIV-p24 antigen

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News & Events

  • 04.15.16

    伴隨式診斷大廠普生股份有限公司(以下簡稱“普生”,台灣興櫃股票代碼:4117)受惠國內精準醫療市場商機逐步打開... read more

  • 12.30.15

    普生股份有限公司(以下簡稱“普生”,台灣興櫃股票代碼:4117)布局「BioFibroScore®—非侵入性肝纖維化檢測平台」... read more