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Announcing a non-invasive liver fibrosis platform.
Available in Liver20™ service

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  • HER2_S

    GB HER2 RealEx PCR Kit

    GB HER2 RealEx PCR utilizes One-Step qRT-PCR technology to detect HER2 RNA expression in various types of human breast cancer tissues, including FFPE, OCT, and fresh frozen tissues.

  • ELISA kits 2


    GB anti-HCV V4.0 ELISA Kit (NANBASE C-96 V4.0) EIA Kit for Direct Detection of HCV Antibody

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News & Events

  • 08.14.14

    受惠臨床檢測新產品進入市場,及印度IVD市場的業績成長,上半年合併營收擴大為1.06億元,年成長18.46%... read more

  • 07.23.14

    旗下的P-113蛋白質新藥研發成果,將於24日登場的「BioTaiwan 2014第12屆台灣生技月生物科技大展」中首度亮相,普生表示... read more