About P113+

P113+ antimicrobial peptides; AMPs

Discovered by Dr. Frank Oppenheim, University of Boston, P113+ is an anti-bacterial peptide from human saliva. 12-residue peptide from human saliva, mild, low-allergenic, no toxicity and non-irritating, balancing bad and good bacterial.


A Mild Antibacterial Substance

Discovered in the human body, the active antimicrobial protein P113+™ is an effective, non-irritating antibacterial and cleaning agent that kills 99.9% of germs.

World-class Certifications

P113+™ has passed the stringent clinical trial by the U.S. phase II Clinical Trial, been approved in 22 patents across the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Bacterial Reduction and Protection

Inhibit more than 40 specific bacteria, and no drug resistant after continuous use.

Gentle to the Skin

The compound of P113+™ comes from the human body, so it is less likely to trigger allergy than substances from other sources.