A Non-Invasive Liver Fibrosis test

Why BioFibroScore® is important?

BioFibroScore® is recommended for you to understand your liver fibrosis status. Generally, there are no symptoms whether your liver is sick or not. Liver fibrosis severity can be improved or reversed by changing lifestyle and proper medication.

What do you get with BioFibroScore®?

  • Know your own score and stages of liver fibrosis status (ranges from light to severe in 4 different stages)
  • Monitor your own liver fibrosis status

What are the possible outcomes?

  • No fibrosis
  • Mild fibrosis
  • Moderate fibrosis
  • Severe fibrosis

How to get started?


Order the test

Order the test on our website and we will get in touch with your doctor for their approval

Make a reservation

We will setup a time and place for you to take blood samples

Receive your report

Once we receive your sample, we process it at our CLIA lab and provide results within 4-6 weeks

Follow up & monitor

A professional laboratory physician will call you to explain the report and schedule a follow up blood testing

Technical Information

  • Latest ELISA technology
  • Detect blood concentration of biomarkers in 3
  • Calculation algorithm tp perform hepatic fibrosis
  • High analytical sensitivity and specificity (accuracy)
  • Results interpreted by CurieMed laboratory physicians trained with over 10 years of experience with the instruments and reagents used for the biomarkers