a simple blood testing that can tell you more about your cancer

Why myCTCs is important?

Circulating Tumor Cells (myCTCs) is a type of "Liquid Biopsy" potentially a minimally invasive alternative to traditional tissue biopsy to determine cancer therapy. It may be used to indicate prognosis and to monitor treatment.

How does myCTCs work?

Liquid Biopsy - a new way for you and your doctors to understand more about cancer

  • Cancer produces tumor cells and DNA caused by cancer will surface in blood
  • Analytically and clinically validated reagents is being used to detect tumor cells from a patient’s blood sample
  • Everything is done in non-invasive blood sample test

What are the possible outcomes?

  • information your doctor may not be able to collect from traditional biopsy
  • information that can be used to see if the treatment is working or not

What Can I do next?

Order a test

How to get started?


Order the test

Order the test on our website and we will get in touch with you

Make a reservation

We will setup a time and place for you to take blood samples

Receive your report

Once we receive your sample, we process it at our CLIA lab and provide results within 4-6 weeks by mail / email

Follow up & monitor

A professional laboratory physician will call you to explain the report and schedule a follow up blood testing

Technical Information

  • High tumor cell recovery rate of more than 90%
  • As little as 7.5ml blood samples
  • Clinically validated based on TAF guidelines at CurieMed Laboratory