Molecular Diagnosis of HBV Pre-s deletion

Why myPre-s is important?

Hepatitis B carriers who sustained damage to liver cells from time to time. so that whether there is a mutation through inspection , and then predict the probability of occurrence of liver cancer

What do you get with myPre-s?

Quick answer to the question above

  • Hepatitis B can understand their original band who on Pre-s lack of presence or absence of surface proteins
  • According to the literature that incidence in patients with gene defects of liver cancer is 250 times higher than the average.
  • An earlier & advance alert may provide the efficiency prevention and treatment .

What are the possible outcomes?

  • Negative: No defect;
  • Positive: Need to find mutation region, and defect percentag

How to get started?


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Technical Information

The percentage of viral nucleic acid extraction, through the interpretation of the accounting of the wafer area and deletion of missing