History Timeline


The year where it all got started…

Under Taiwan Government National Program “Hepatitis Prevention and Vaccine Program” GBC was founded and funded by Taiwan Government. Dr. Zong Mei Lin, the founder of GBC, had “Direct Sandwich” technology for manufacturing HBV diagnostic kits.



The first products out

first products out and the first and only RIA company in Taiwan. Hepatitis was the first product line that came out.



Introducing the first immunoassay (ELISA) products out

GBC is proud to announce new hepatitis products: HBsAg and anti-HCV. Later those 2 products were the top selling products even after 30 years.



GBC entered laboratory services business
GBC acquired its first laboratory, CurieMed, to enter service industry. CurieMed provides quality tests samples collected from hospitals, clinics, and other labs.



GBC diversified its investment to expand its business profolio by investing StemCyte, Inc., a global leading cord blood therapeutic company offers public and private cord blood banking.



Real-Time PCR

Knowing someone has hepatitis B is not enough. We need to know the viral-load the person has in order to treat and monitor. Our first product GB HBV RealQuant PCR Kit is out.


Innovation continues

Liver fibrosis was a part of liver disease that clinical doctors needed to know to prevent liver continued progressing. We started working with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan). BioFibroScore® is born.


Our 30th Anniversary


Entered new drug development

GBC has its first drug development, P113, a therapeutic peptide drug for the topical treatment of Oral Candidiasis, exclusively acquired from its partner. P113 has finished its promising Phase IIb FDA clinical trial. Proven effective clinical data for gingivitis, candida albicans, vaginal Candidiasis, Cystic fibrosis, and anti-plague for dogs’ teeth.



Acquisition to strength service business in USA 

In 2015, GBC acquired Danner Laboratory located at San Diego, CA USA. Dinner Laboratory offers cytology and molecular tests in addition to all hepatitis, tumor markers, fertility, infectious disease and thyroid tests manufactured by GBC.



Heading toward personalized healthcare

Diagnostics and drug are needed for each other more than ever. Innovated technologies are being developed toward non-invasive and diagnosis diseases that cannot be detected before. Companion diagnostics are being developed so we can have higher cure rate for diseases. GBC’s goal is to develop those innovated products to cure and prevent diseases by working with partners and innovation centers from Taiwan, China, USA, and Canada.


GBC entered personal care and cosmetic business

GBC established its own consumable brand name, oh care, to launch oral care, feminine products, pets, and medical devices all using P113 peptide ingredient.

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