GB Viral Transport Medium (VTM)

For Oral, Throat and Nasopharyngeal sampling of virus

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GB Viral Transport Medium / Swab


Intended Use:

The kit is ideal for collection cells and microbiological specimen from nasopharynx. The swab is tipped with dedicated nylon-flocked material which presents exceptional recovery of specimen for it can effectively carry and release samples. Soft and flexible material provides comfort sampling. Samples can be stored in the transport tube for easy transport to a laboratory for analysis.

Sampling instruction

1. Peel off the pouch and remove the swab (Fig.1).

2.Gently place the swab to the target area (eg. nasopharyngeal area) and rotate the swab firmly against the sampling area and then carefully withdraw the swab (Fig.2).

3.Open the cap of transport tube and put the swab into the buffer. You can either (1) Hold the swab shaft close to the rim of the tube and point the tube away against the cap, breaking the swab shaft along the snapping point inden tation leaving the swab inside the tube ; or (2) Simply mix the swab thoroughly in the buffer and discard the swab appropriately (Fig.3).

4.Close the cap back on the tube and send for analysis (Fig. 4).

VTM Composition

The VTM buffer contains a stable composition of proteins and antibiotics to reduce bacterial and fungal contamination. This medium is non-toxic and stabilized at the neutral PH similar to the host mammalian cells. It is suitable for collection and transport of clinically important viruses, including influenza and covid-19.
Storage condition:Do not freeze the swab kits, store at 2 ~25℃ before use. In order to achieve the best results of subsequent pathogen culture recovery, specimens are recommended to store at 2 to 8℃. If long-term preservation of is required, specimens should be frozen at -70℃ or below.

Ordering Information:

4OO004       GB Viral Transport Medium (VTM) – 1.5ml       100 tests

4OO005       GB Viral Transport Medium (VTM) – 3ml          100 tests