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Medical Technology
GBC CellBio™ Technology Platform received the Bronze Award at the National Pharmaceutical Technology & Research Development Awards.
GBC was nominated for the 112th National Pharmaceutical Technology & Research Development Awards jointly hosted by Taiwan's Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for its CellBio™technology platform product. Today, at the award ceremony, GBC was honored to receive the "Bronze Award in the Medical Devices Category," highlighting the company's continuous enhancement of research and development capabilities and competitive advantages over the years. Alongside its commitment to improving the entire supply chain encompassing research, development, manufacturing, sales, and inspection services, GBC aims to establish a cornerstone for sustained development within the group.

The "National Pharmaceutical Technology & Research Development Awards" is a national-level recognition program categorized into three main sections based on the nature of the research and development products: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and manufacturing technology. It aims to reward companies that have made outstanding contributions to the research and development of new drugs and related manufacturing technologies. This initiative encourages more companies to showcase their technological advancements in emerging pharmaceuticals or medical devices, thereby elevating Taiwan's pharmaceutical manufacturing industry standards and clinical trial quality.

With GBC's establishment as a professional testing reagent manufacturing service company contributing to the government's ten-year plan for hepatitis prevention and control, it has continuously enhanced its team's research capabilities and competitive advantages over the years. This effort has facilitated the group's standout performance among numerous high-quality enterprises, resulting in the recognition and awarding of the "Bronze Award in the Medical Devices Category" as a testament to GBC's contributions.

Mr. Frank Lin, President of GBC stated that the group's proprietary iFiltration™ technology has not only secured patents in Taiwan but has also obtained novel patents in Japan, China, and other countries. Leveraging the microfiltration membrane separation technique of iFiltration™, it effectively isolates cells, achieving a recovery rate of over 97% for circulating tumor cells (CTCs). This technology serves as the core for GBC's award-winning manual blood cell counting device, a part of the CellBio™ technology platform. The said product requires only a 7.5mL blood sample and can capture CTCs within two hours, enabling the detection of circulating tumor cells in the blood, monitoring dynamic changes in cancer cells within the body. This serves the purpose of early cancer detection, postoperative recurrence monitoring, and tracking treatment effectiveness. It offers a more precise and efficient screening method, aiding patients in receiving more accurate medical care.

Looking ahead, GBC will continue to develop comprehensive diagnostic services by actively investing in research and development of related technologies such as molecular diagnostics, liquid biopsies, cancer diagnostics, and more. The company aims to enhance its five core business areas: precision testing, liquid biopsies, CDMO, testing services, and P113 antimicrobial peptide drugs.

Moreover, GBC is planning to construct a large-scale office building in the Hsinchu AI Intelligent Park in Zhubei, featuring nine centers focusing on energy conservation, carbon reduction, and establishing a presence in the broader health sector. This project is expected to be completed and operational by the latter half of 2024. The goal is to complement the existing Zhubei factory located in the Hsinchu Science Park, integrating resources to optimize the layout in the field of comprehensive health. This strategic move aims to assist GBC in expanding its international market and business development opportunities.