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Moving Forward with Sustainable Development
GBC, in its pursuit of long-term sustainable corporate value, has recently established a "Talent Sustainability Cooperation Alliance" with Yuanpei University of Science and Technology. This strategic partnership aims to strengthen the link between academia and industry, fostering talent development aligned with sustainable objectives. The alliance seeks to seamlessly integrate teaching, research, and industry applications, promoting the fusion of knowledge and practical experience to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

The dedication of both parties lies in fostering a continuous exchange of expertise and insights between academia and industry, with a focus on aligning the Taiwanese industrial landscape with global standards. This collaboration aims to nurture specialized professionals, enhancing the value proposition of services and products. Actively engaging in industry-academia collaboration empowers students to gain practical understanding and accumulate a diverse range of interdisciplinary knowledge, preparing them to effectively navigate the evolving professional landscape and address future challenges.
Talent Development:
Efforts are made to facilitate early learning of the usage of clinical instruments and the skills necessary for precise medical testing. This is achieved by providing students with relevant testing clinical instruments and equipment. Collaborative initiatives include organizing teaching sessions, academic seminars, and technical workshops. Furthermore, opportunities for industry internships are extended to students. The ultimate goal of this collaboration between academia and industry is to ensure that aspiring talents focused on precise medical care can secure immediate employment upon graduation. This contributes to enhancing the talent pool for achieving excellence in testing and promoting sustainable development.

Academia and Industry Collaboration:
In 2020, Mr. Lin Tsung-Ching, Chairman of GBC, and Dr. Chung Yu-Chi, President of Kaohsiung Medical University, formalized a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on the development of a rapid COVID-19 screening test, addressing the urgent needs during the pandemic. The primary objective of this collaboration was to enhance the efficiency of COVID-19 virus detection by developing swift screening reagents. Leveraging automated instruments, a high-throughput screening capacity was achieved, capable of processing up to 1,440 samples per day. The overarching goal of this project was to establish a "National Anti-Pandemic Team" in collaboration with Academia Sinica and academic research units to expedite research and scale up production. This initiative serves as a critical pillar of support for the nation in pandemic prevention, underscoring the commitment to corporate social responsibility.
Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) has engaged in collaborative efforts with domestic and international experts to form a COVID-19 research group. The focus of this collaboration is to develop effective strategies to mitigate the outbreak. Specialized teams were created to delve into critical areas such as infection control, clinical diagnosis, treatment modalities, epidemiological studies, rapid screening methods, and vaccine development. This interdisciplinary approach has fostered in-depth discussions and facilitated the sharing of knowledge. Mr. Lin Tsung-Ching, Chairman of GBC, representing the company, emphasized the commitment to actively contribute to the research and development of immune proteins, DNA testing, product certification, clinical education, and product promotion.

Global Vision, Local Action:
GBC, deeply embedded in Hsinchu, actively nurtures talent through collaboration with Yuanpei University of Science and Technology. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, GBC generously donated twenty thousand rapid screening test kits to Hsinchu County and City. Additionally, support was extended to provide rapid screening test kits for epidemic prevention in Hsinchu's hotels, aiming to bolster epidemic prevention screening capabilities. Furthermore, GBC has engaged in discussions with the Taipei City governments, health authorities, and hospitals to assist in establishing community screening stations at various locations, showcasing a united approach to combat the pandemic. In collaboration with the community, GBC is dedicated to building a sustainable community, contributing to the betterment of our hometown and Taiwan. This collective endeavor plays a vital role in advancing towards sustainable development.